Hi! I’m Candice, a Montreal-based social media & community manager. Thanks for stopping by.

Born and raised in Toronto, I completed my degree in psychology before relocating to Montreal to pursue a graduate degree in public relations. After graduating, I landed my first social media gig with a local menswear company called Dolbeau and have never looked back!

With close to seven years of experience in social media & community management, I have helped international companies spanning different industries build and scale their online efforts from the ground up.

Why should you work with me? Fair question. 

I build connections and forge relationships.   

Partner with me and I will leverage your social media and community to achieve your goals, allowing you to focus on your business.

I tailor my services to your social media needs.

Every business is unique with different objectives. By working with me, you are guaranteed a customized and professional approach to optimizing your online presence.

I champion the brands I work with.

To work effectively, I only take on clients whose products or services I believe in. This means more quality time spent on building your brand.

Ready to get started? Drop me a line to schedule a quick introductory consultation!